"Brandnew is the missing part of the education all athletes should get."

Gabriella Doueihy, Swimming (W), McGill University, 2016 Olympian (Lebanon)

It is inspiring, it makes you realize what you’re looking for and what kind of person you want to be. It is based on personal growth and self reflection. Sometimes with sport/academic routines we tend to forget about our values and our “why”. Brandnew teaches you how to incorporate these values in everything you do.

I’m still a competing athlete, and like all athletes I’m afraid of the moment I will have to stop swimming. Our sport is our identity in some way. But Brandnew not only prepares you for that moment and for what’s after but most importantly it teaches you that the transition to a career outside of sports doesn’t correspond to a whole different world but to an opportunity your sport has prepared you for during all these years. It shows you that you are a student of your sport. It also makes things that you knew but never truly realized, obvious and helpful.

I highly recommend it to every athlete looking and preparing for a future career in sports and outside of sports.

"Thought provoking and empowering"

Kaytlin Williams, Canadian Women's National Field Hockey

Thought provoking and empowering, Brandnew is a truly inspiring course aiming to help athletes reach their potential.

Regardless of if you are just starting your athletic career or thinking about transitioning into a career outside of sport, there are valuable lessons to be learned from top experts in an array of fields. The program is highly engaging, promoting self reflection and personal growth, while allowing the flexibility to go at your own pace.

I have often found it difficult to separate my identity as an athlete from who I am as a person . Brandnew has given me the tools to help me better understand my personal identity and core values, which have in turn helped me develop my leadership skills. I highly recommend Brandnew to all athletes wanting to be successful not only in their athletic career but also in life outside of sport.

"Focused and tailor made for the athletic mentality"

Matt Pistilli, Canadian Profressional Hockey Player

Brandnew is a fantastic course for all athletes. It really digs deep into who you are as a person.

Focused and tailor made for the athletic mentality, it has top of the line experts in psychology, business and social media to help every athlete succeed in a modern changing society.

As athletes, we have busy, hectic schedules and Brandnew understands this perfectly. Quick to the point and engaging, Brandnew was a fantastic experience for me and I found it improved my leadership skills and confidence .

I highly recommend this program to athletes who aspire to greater things.

"An insightful resource that truly facilitates a personal transformation while you are competing"

Hanna Grossman, UNB Seawolves Womens Basketball

" Brandnew Athlete focuses on what is relevant to the lives of all student athletes. They motivate and inspire us to learn about topics that athletes need to be aware of and therefore, it becomes an insightful resource that truly facilitates a personal transformation while you are competing.

As part of the program, Brandnew Athlete includes reflection questions that encourage you to take action after listening to the content. The videos are short, to the point, and easy to follow, so often times you won't even need the extra push to take action, but instead, will be motivated enough to implement the lessons immediately.

I loved that I could take the program at my own pace. It was easy to fit in to my schedule, making it easy to complete at any point during the day.

I learned a great deal of valuable information that I will most certainly utilize as I make the transition from school and athletics to life.

I highly recommend Brandnew to all athletes!"

"Brandnew is an excellent
resource for athletes"

Maddie Secco, Canadian Women's National Field Hockey

Brandnew Athlete is an excellent resource for athletes who will be facing transition from school or sport to life.

Just as a swimmer does lengths, or a basketball player shoots hoops, it is important to practice and prepare for life outside of sport. This on-line learning platform offers the tools needed to begin this process.

To name a few, Brandnew provides guidance around preparing a professional resume and cover letter , how to use LinkedIn effectively, networking fundamentals, interview prep and how to build a personal brand. Furthermore, it introduces athletes to inspiring industry professionals, who were former competitors themselves, and who share common experiences that you can relate to.

From this, participants can take confidence in harnessing the skills they’ve acquired on the field or in the gym, and apply them to their future endeavours.

I highly recommend Brandnew Athlete for any athlete looking for guidance

"Brandnew gives you an extraordinary advantage"

Mathieu Tousignant, Nottingham Panthers, EIHL

With guidance from renowned experts, Brandnew is an essential element of self-discovery that motivates you to recognize who you really are as an athlete and as a whole person.

The program opens your eyes to the skills you have developed though sport and prepares you for the opportunities that may come your way in the future.

For an athlete, investing time and effort into Brandnew gives you an extraordinary advantage and opportunity to achieve your goals in sport and life.

I would have been well served at the beginning of my athletic career to have had access to a personal development program like Brandnew and I highly recommend it to athletes competing at an elite level.

After completing the course, I felt revived and am confident that my past experience as an athlete will become the foundation for building a solid future.

"Brandnew Athlete is one of the best things you can do for your personal development"

Mike Hanik, Instructional Assistant Professor Department of Health & Kinesiology Texas A&M University

Sport teaches athletes many valuable life skills. Most athletes do not take the time to reflect on how to apply the skills learned in sport to the other areas of their life. Brandnew Athlete fills this gap.

The Brandnew Athlete program is self-paced and delivered in a high quality online format. Each module provides short videos lessons that address specific skills learned in sport. These videos provide insight from experts and industry leaders. The reflections questions at the end of each module provide the opportunity for the athlete to think deeply about who they are as a person and how to apply what they learned in sport to their whole life.

As an athlete, investing in Brandnew Athlete is one of the best things you can do for your personal development. As a parent of an athlete, Brandnew Athlete can be one of the greatest gifts you give your athlete to help them reach their full potential.

"I now have a better understanding of who I am, and how I can use the skills I’ve learned as an elite athlete in my day to day life and in the workplace."

Christian Christie, STU Tommies Volleyball

I loved the program! I now have a better understanding of who I am, and how I can use the skills I’ve learned as an elite athlete in my day to day life and in the workplace. The course is easy to use as it explains the topic or idea covered very well, then asks thought provoking questions which help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Being a student-athlete, it was also super helpful to have it be broken up into small videos and segments so you can go at your own pace.

I would recommend this course to every athlete who wants to better themselves both on and off the playing field.

"You will gain for more than your investment in this program."

Frank Fabiano, Head Soccer Coach, Confederation College

The Brandnew Athlete Program is well worth the investment for all athletes with any current or future aspirations.

The program’s strength lies in it's focus on a diversity of skills that ensures athletes at any level have the knowledge, skills and motivation to transfer their sport successes to their present and future endeavours. This personal development program provides the missing component in an athlete’s overall success.

I feel the program could also serve coaches and enable them to relate and support their athletes in a way that relates to today’s world.

To athletes and coaches, I would go as far as saying that you will gain far more than your investment in this program and I highly recommend your participation.

“The all-round package program to assist athletes in their transition from sport”

Jonathan Halpenny, Track & Field (M), University of Waterloo Warriors

Brandnew is a one-stop shop for personal and professional development!

From amateur to pro, sport is engrained in us as athletes. As we grow, we are often so focused on sport we aren’t prepared for the next step in life. As an athlete, you never know when that next step could come; as a result of injury, retirement or other.

Brandnew helps you learn and reflect on the athlete and person you are at every stage of your sporting career. It then provides you with the knowledge and tools to make your next moves. The program goes beyond the surface of many topics to empower athletes as people.

I personally enjoyed the presenters and role models integrated into the program. I found value in hearing their professional and relatable knowledge as well as the applications to my daily life. Additionally, the program does a great job of preparing athletes for the professional world with excellent career development advice.

I believe all athletes should take the Brandnew Athlete program to become the best they can be!