"Brandnew shows that sport is so much more than “just a game”, and that the participants in the program are so much more than “just an athlete”."

Kaylie Lueck, Lakeland College Rustlers Women's Volleyball

As an athlete who is still competing and considers sport a major component of my identity; the end of my career has always been daunting. However, Brandnew Athlete highlights the opportunities athletes can take advantage of prior to and after retirement. The program opened new avenues to explore and educated me on how to use my experiences as a high-level athlete to my advantage.

I got to dive into my “personal why” and what volleyball means to me. I reflected on my strengths and more importantly my weaknesses. In return, I found ways to improve myself as a person and as a teammate. The experience and journey through the program will undoubtedly benefit me as I finish school and join the workforce.

I would highly suggest Brandnew Athlete to anyone in the realm of sports. Brandnew shows that sport is so much more than “just a game”, and that the participants in the program are so much more than “just an athlete”.

"Brandnew is the missing part of the education all athletes should get."

Gabriella Doueihy, Swimming (W), McGill University
2016/2020 Olympian (Lebanon)

It is inspiring, it makes you realize what you’re looking for and what kind of person you want to be. It is based on personal growth and self reflection. Sometimes with sport/academic routines we tend to forget about our values and our “why”. Brandnew teaches you how to incorporate these values in everything you do.

I’m still a competing athlete, and like all athletes I’m afraid of the moment I will have to stop swimming. Our sport is our identity in some way. But Brandnew not only prepares you for that moment and for what’s after but most importantly it teaches you that the transition to a career outside of sports doesn’t correspond to a whole different world but to an opportunity your sport has prepared you for during all these years. It shows you that you are a student of your sport. It also makes things that you knew but never truly realized, obvious and helpful.

I highly recommend it to every athlete looking and preparing for a future career in sports and outside of sports.

"Thought provoking and empowering"

Kaytlin Williams, Canadian Women's National Field Hockey

Thought provoking and empowering, Brandnew is a truly inspiring course aiming to help athletes reach their potential.

Regardless of if you are just starting your athletic career or thinking about transitioning into a career outside of sport, there are valuable lessons to be learned from top experts in an array of fields. The program is highly engaging, promoting self reflection and personal growth, while allowing the flexibility to go at your own pace.

I have often found it difficult to separate my identity as an athlete from who I am as a person . Brandnew has given me the tools to help me better understand my personal identity and core values, which have in turn helped me develop my leadership skills. I highly recommend Brandnew to all athletes wanting to be successful not only in their athletic career but also in life outside of sport.

"This is one of the best programs I have been involved with in 15 years of coaching university sports."

John Antulov, Head Coach Men's Soccer
Thompson Rivers University

“Enrolling our Men’s Soccer Team in the Brandnew Athlete Program was a stroke of masterclass.

After personally going through the curriculum, I can say it is one of the best programs I have been involved with in 15 years of coaching university sports. It is a must do and well worth the time and effort for all athletes who are looking to improve themselves as human beings and athletes and to achieve future aspirations and goals.

The program’s breadth and comprehensive coverage of skills needed to succeed both during and after sport will help any athlete regardless of level of knowledge, skills or motivation. The engagement and sincerity of all those involved in the program from Jamie, Michele and all the mentors was amazing.

The Brandnew Athlete program was the missing piece for me as a coach to help develop an all-around student athlete. It is a major source to add to my toolbox to give my players the necessary knowledge and tools to succeed.

I would highly recommend this program to all coaches and players and feel the investment in time and dollars is absolutely worthwhile.”

"Brandnew showed me that I am more than just an athlete, I am an asset."

Remi Pelletier, Humber Hawks, Women's Soccer

Having been involved in highly competitive sport my whole life, I hadn’t given too much thought about it coming to an end – until this past year.

As a fifth-year collegiate athlete there is pressure from all sides regarding what I will do after I graduate. Brandnew is a powerful program that has helped me understand that just because my time as a collegiate athlete is closing, it does not mean it must be a thing of the past. The transferable skills that I have acquired, yet not was not even aware I possessed, came to light through the program. Brandnew showed me that I am more than just an athlete, I am an asset.

Thanks to Brandnew I am now aware of my personal strengths, and my “personal why”. I know how to brand and market myself and my skills, but more importantly, I know who I am.

I would recommend Brandnew to all athletes at any level. While most athletes have so much more to offer than just their ability in their sport, most are not aware of just how capable they are. Brandnew brings this to life and shows you how truly unstoppable you can be.”

"Brandnew Athlete has completely changed my perspective on sport and life."

Micah Berger, Wenatchee Wild, BCHL

Brandnew Athlete has completely changed my perspective on sport and life.

I learned that I have a lot to contribute as a person on and off the ice, and how planning for my future is something that I can work towards now, while I am still competing.

The program provided helpful tools like how to build my personal brand and network on LinkedIn. It provided insight around the importance of being respectful to everyone I meet because one never knows where or when your next opportunity may come from.

I am so thankful for Brandnew and I will continue to use the values that this amazing program has taught me in my everyday life!

"Brandnew gives you an extraordinary advantage"

Mathieu Tousignant, Nottingham Panthers, EIHL

With guidance from renowned experts, Brandnew is an essential element of self-discovery that motivates you to recognize who you really are as an athlete and as a whole person.

The program opens your eyes to the skills you have developed though sport and prepares you for the opportunities that may come your way in the future.

For an athlete, investing time and effort into Brandnew gives you an extraordinary advantage and opportunity to achieve your goals in sport and life.

I would have been well served at the beginning of my athletic career to have had access to a personal development program like Brandnew and I highly recommend it to athletes competing at an elite level.

After completing the course, I felt revived and am confident that my past experience as an athlete will become the foundation for building a solid future.

"Brandnew is a comprehensive program that provides the perfect platform for athletes and coaches to get to know themselves."

Chad Grimm, Head Coach Women's Volleyball
Thompson Rivers University

“As coaches we are always looking for ways to improve our programs and offer our athletes more.

Brandnew is a comprehensive program that provides the perfect platform for athletes and coaches to get to know themselves, their teammates, and staff on a whole other level. Learning important things such as values, leadership, communication skills, how to struggle and most importantly, how to prepare for life after athletics is significant for athletes that are currently competing.

This program not only provided helpful information but provided access to experts in expansive fields which allowed the athletes and coaches to ask questions, gain personal insight, and understand how valuable the assets we gain through sport can be as we reach beyond the playing field.

Brandnew provided the vehicle for our team to drive forward as a group and better understand the vast array of tools we are able to add to our toolboxes throughout our athletic careers. Thanks to the whole team at Brandnew for bringing this journey to our group!” .

"Brandnew is a great tool for athletes to learn how to apply the skills they have developed through sports to their everyday lives."

Jackson Findlay, Western Mustangs

"Brandnew is a great tool for athletes to learn how to apply the skills they have developed through sports to their everyday lives. It allowed me to reflect on my successes, failures, and many hours dedicated to sports and how I can continue to grow as an athlete, a student, and a young person in a world impacted so heavily by social media. There is a variety of presenters that each offer their own bit of personal advice from their experiences.

I greatly enjoyed the focus on self-representation, whether that be building a personal network or creating a professional cover letter, as I was able to implement what I had learned right away and have the knowledge to continue using what I learned far into my future.

I would recommend Brandnew for athletes of all skill levels that want to excel in not only their sport but discover what makes them great competitors and how that can translate to so many other aspects of life."

"Brandnew will set our athletes and coaches up for success in sport and in life.”

Chris Clark, Head Coach, Wenatchee Wild, BCHL

“As a coach, I believe the fundamental aspect to helping athletes maximize their potential in sport, is by building incredible people.

Brandnew Athlete is an informative, interactive program that provides athletes with the opportunity to understand who they are beyond sports. It covers a wide variety of critical topics that range from leadership to mentorship to brand identity.

Personally I learned how social media plays a significant role in the recruiting and retention of new players.

Brandnew also teaches athletes how to deal with the highs and lows they may experience during any given season. This is accomplished via group sessions where guest speakers touch on the very topics being discussed. This interactive format teaches the importance of communication and understanding that you are far more than just an athlete.

These sessions allowed me to see another side of our athletes as they talked about personal experiences they had outside of sports.

I would personally like to thank Jamie and Michele for the countless hours they spent helping our athletes become incredible people. This program will set our athletes and coaches up for success in sport and in life.