DEVELOP Skills Imperative To Your Growth

Skills that improve awareness, develop identity, build human capital, facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations are worth taking the time to develop.

DEVELOP is a tools-based pillar that aims to provide elite athletes with the fundamental skills necessary for their future professional success. Utilizing the magical combination of their newly found self-knowledge and personal brand, elite athletes will take their personal development to a whole new level.

"An important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation." - Arthur Ashe

Peek Inside Pillar 4: Develop

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    • Pillar Outline

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    • Meet Jeff Stipec

    • Module Outline

    • Introduction

    • The Parallels Of Success

    • The Results Of Mentorship

    • The Meaning Of Mentorship

    • Embracing Mentorship

    • The Significance of Mentorship

    • The Significance Of Mentorship For Elite Athletes

    • Effective Mentorship

    • Coaching vs Mentorship

    • How To Find Effective Mentors

    • Elite Athletes Make Excellent Mentors

    • Conclusion

    • Reflection Questions

    • Related Articles & Videos Of Interest

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    • Meet Cathy Goddard

    • Module Outline

    • Introduction

    • What Is Networking

    • The Fear Factor

    • Tools For Enjoyable Networking

    • Leveraging Your Brand To Build Your Network

    • Building Your Networking Strategy

    • Communication

    • Conclusion

    • Reflection Questions

    • Articles & Videos Of Interest

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    • Meet Sarah Hart

    • Module Outline

    • Introduction

    • The Purpose

    • The Format

    • Writing Your Cover Letter

    • Addressing Red Flags

    • Dos and Don'ts

    • Conclusion

    • Reflection Questions

    • Digitally Optimized Cover Letter Sample

    • Graphically Enhanced Cover Letter Sample

    • Articles & Videos Of Interest

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    • Meet Sarah Hart

    • Module Outline

    • Introduction

    • Self-Marketing Material

    • The Theory Behind Resumes

    • Format For Athletes

    • Your Master Resume

    • Grammar, Transferable Skills & Targeting

    • Conclusion

    • Reflection Questions

    • Digitally Optimized Resume Sample

    • Graphically Optimized Resume Sample

    • Articles & Videos Of Interest

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    • Meet Keira Roets

    • Module Outline

    • Introduction

    • The Past vs The Present

    • What's The Big Deal

    • Know Yourself

    • The Basics

    • The Rules

    • Typical Questions

    • Game Day

    • Post Interview

    • Conclusion

    • Reflection Questions

    • Articles & Videos Of Interest

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    • Meet Nicole Davidson

    • Module Outline

    • Introduction

    • What Is An Informational Meeting

    • The Purpose

    • Benefts for Elite Athletes

    • Informational Meeting vs Job Interview

    • Where To Start

    • Making Contact

    • Preparation

    • Game Day

    • Questions To Ask

    • Follow Up

    • Rejection

    • Conclusion

    • Reflection Questions

    • Articles & Videos Of Interest

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    • Meet Amara Scott

    • Module Outline

    • Introduction

    • What Is An Internship

    • The Key Components Of Internships

    • Why Internships Are Important

    • How To Find An Internship

    • What Do Companies Look For

    • Who Offers Internships

    • What Is The Process

    • Conclusion

    • Reflection Questions

    • Articles & Videos Of Interest

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    • Meet Jessica Gares

    • Module Outline

    • Introduction

    • Be Prepared

    • Media Types

    • Before The Interview

    • During The Interview

    • The Do's & Don'ts

    • Conclusion

    • Reflection Questions

    • Articles & Videos Of Interest

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    • Pillar 4 Feedback

Meet The Experts

Jessica Gares

Jessica Gares is a communications leader with a unique blend of experience as a journalist and public relations specialist in both the private and public sectors.

It was working as the producer of the Bill Good Show on CKNW, where Jessica learned which stories resonate with the public and how to effectively position stories to a wide audience. From there, Jessica took on a senior communications role at BCLC, where she was responsible for bolstering the corporation’s reputation. She implemented and led proactive communications strategies, effectively managed issues, and represented BCLC as a spokesperson.

Today, Jessica runs her own boutique communications firm, Kismet Communications, focused on amplifying the stories of her clients and creating strong public reputations.

She has a BA from SFU, majoring in – you guessed it! – Communications. In 2017, Jessica received a Wendy McDonald Award from the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade as a Woman to Watch.

Nicole Davidson

Nicole Davidson is the Founder and CEO of Beacon HR, where she works with purpose driven companies to help them attract, hire, and engage their teams. With almost ten years of experience matching job seekers with career opportunities, Nicole knows how to land that job. She's passionate about helping people unlock the fundamental skills behind informational interviewing - a must have but under-utilized piece of the career toolkit.

Nicole holds a BA with a Psychology Major from UBC and is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR.) In the summer time, you'll find her in the ocean, in the winter time, you'll find her on the ski hill.

Cathy Goddard

Cathy Goddard brings over thirty years of business knowledge to her role at the helm of Lighthouse Visionary Strategies. As a business coach and certified facilitator, she has worked with clients across North America. In 2011, Cathy created an innovative mentor program that has been recognized for Small Business BC’s Top 3 Awards in Community Impact and the Premier’s People’s Choice categories. A long-standing columnist for the Whistler Question newspaper, she now writes feature articles for Pique Newsmagazine and Lighthouse’s business blog.

Cathy is currently a Board Member of the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, an organization that has supported hundreds of amazing community charities through cash grants. Other philanthropic work has included serving on the Boards of Zero Ceiling Society of Canada and Whistler Community Services Society, teaching Junior Achievement of BC programs to local schools and facilitating pre-games orientations for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Cathy has lived in Whistler since 1988. She skis, bikes, paddleboards and generally soaks up all that North America’s leading resort has to offer.

Keira Roets

Keira Roets is the Head of Community for Beacon HR, where she works with purpose-driven companies to help them attract and hire new team members, and help increase employee engagement and retention. Keira has a breadth of experience in customer experience and agency recruitment. Keira is passionate about helping others increase their skill-set so they are ready to enter the job market and that includes ensuring people are as prepared as possible for interviews.

Keira holds a Bachelor of Arts with a Communication Major from Simon Fraser University. In the summer you will find Keira learning how to sail and in the winter on the ski hill.

Sarah Hart

Sarah is a passionate Facilitator and advocate for social change. She brings the unique combination of skills and education in both corporate Business Administration and public Social Work to everything she does.

Up until 2015, Sarah was a Professional Rock Climber where she spent 10 years climbing remote mountain ranges all over the world. Sarah is an Ambassador for Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC).

Sarah then transitioned from a full time athletic career as a professional rock climber to a full time working career as a Facilitator and Employment Counselor.

Sarah is on her path to become a full time licensed Social Worker.

Sarah has been exploring her personal why, and now partners with several community-based organizations that align with her passion for working with women and girls from a feminist-based perspective.

Amara Scott

Amara Scott has a passion for connecting with the world around her; driven by leadership, excellence and making meaningful connections whether through sport, work or other significant life experiences.

Born and raised in Cobourg, Ontario, Amara started playing ice hockey at 4 years old. She was driven to succeed in the sport, being one of the few female players within the boys rep division until she was 15 years old, and then moving to a bigger market at the Midget AA level for the Whitby Wolves. She won 5 provincial championships and was selected Captain in her 1 st and 2 nd season with the Wolves.

Following her graduation from high school, Amara was accepted into the University of British Columbia where she completed her Bachelor’s with a Major in the institute of Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice and a Minor in Political Science.

Amara is currently a People/Labour Relations Generalist at Canucks Sports and Entertainment and is working towards continue to grow her career in Human Resources.

Jeff Stipec

Jeff served as Chief Operating Officer of Canucks Sports & Entertainment (CSE) from 2016 - 2018 where he lead the senior leadership team and was responsible for the strategic and operational direction of the company. He emphasized a focus on service for all fans, including season ticket members, premium clients, corporate partners along with innovative, meaningful, fan-driven experiences. Prior to being COO, Jeff was Vice President, Hospitality and Event Operations and oversaw fan services, security and retail operations teams in addition to responsibilities for the development of a comprehensive new food and beverage program at Rogers Arena.

Prior to joining CSE, Jeff led prominent business in the ski, golf, hotel, racing & gaming industries. His 25 years of leadership experience include Operating Partner with The Keg, Executive Vice President and President, Intrawest. Chief Operating Officer and President, Cara and Senior Vice President of The Stronach Group. He is a past Board member of BC Special Olympics and a volunteer with Big Brothers.